🇺🇸👋 WELCOME If you landed here, I assume it's because you're curious about my work within adidas Global HQ. Please feel free to click on the below Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter seasons to know more about it. Thank you for your interest & l hope you enjoy the ride.

🇫🇷👋 BIENVENUE Si vous êtes là, j'imagine que vous êtes curieux quant à mon travail au siège d'adidas. N'hésitez pas à cliquer sur les saisons Printemps/Été & Automne/Hiver ci-dessous pour en savoir plus. Merci de votre intérêt & j'espère que vous passerez un bon moment.


What does it mean to be... DIGITAL BRAND MARKETING MANAGER at adidas Global HQ?

Being part of a cross-functional team

Adaptability & connecting the dots become your main strength. Connecting every day with Product Marketing teams, CtC, technical teams, agencies, markets, coms, retail, social, finance, legal... disagreeing with some, but collaborating with all & finding a middle ground :) All of them teaching you how to be a better professional.

Dealing with pressure

Didn't sleep well but got an early call with APAC? It happens. Had a very long day but got a late call with Portland? Usual. That deck you've been asked to (start &) finish by end of play? You're presenting it to the whole Senior Leadership Team tomorrow. That technical issue on your campaign? Witnessed by the whole world. Those many zeros in your allocated budget? Don't waste them. Lots of responsibilities, but lots of opportunities to grow from them.

Having colleagues & friends of all nationalities

"It's a small world" they say. Everyday you face many different cultures, accents & backgrounds. Flying abroad on holiday? You have a colleague coming from there, willing to share nice addresses & tips with you.

Living in Bavaria, Germany

Kingdom of sausages & beer. It's the perfect place to enjoy Oktoberfest & Christmas market. It's also the perfect place to face some communication issues with the locals, but you get used to it… and then you move to Italy 😅

"Never be satisfied with your accomplishment; always continue to learn." - Adolf Dassler, aka adidas
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